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complete, industry-leading cyber security knowledge provided as a service to improve and safeguard all of your company's digital assets and produce measurable financial results.

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Security Testing
and Assurance

Identify, monitor, and mitigate security flaws and vulnerabilities quickly by extensively testing infrastructure and applications.

Security Assurance, tailored to your needs.


Localised experience

Get the assurance of testing and guidance tailored to your organization’s unique needs and challenges, delivered in terms you understand.


Exhaustive testing assurance

Rely on professionals whose skills and testing processes have been honed through years of experience protecting industry and government.


Always informed

Stay ahead of threats with rapid reporting turnarounds, immediate threat alerts and regular communication on testing progress.

Cyber Security Solutions Tailored to
Your Business Needs

"Safeguarding Your Digital Assets in an Ever-Evolving Threat Landscape"

Our Cyber Security Services are designed to protect your business from evolving cyber threats and ensure the security of your digital assets. From comprehensive vulnerability assessments to incident response and management, our team of experts offers a range of solutions tailored to your specific needs. With CyberFixx as your trusted partner, you can rest assured that your business is protected against cyber attacks, enabling you to focus on what matters most - your success."

Gain confidence from deeper security insight

The cyber security landscape is unique, complex and evolving every day. To stay ahead of threats and ensure operational resiliency, organizations need frequent testing of applications, technology and processes.

Our solutions bring global best practices to the United States, Australia with consultation, testing, security assessments and rapid reporting for technical and business audiences.


Our Solutions


Penetration Testing 

Expert support to test and uncover issues and risks across applications, cloud, networks, systems and devices, with comprehensive guidance on remediation options and advice.

  • Internal/External Network Penetration Testing 
  • Web/Mobile  Application Penetration Testing
  • Social Engineering 
  • Physical Security Penetration Testing
  • Red Team Operations

Application Security

Comprehensive application security services, reviews and assessments to ensure your application code is strong enough to withstand global cyber threats.

  • Software Composition Analysis (SCA)
  • Static Application Security Testing (SAST)
  • Software Composition Analysis (SCA)
  • Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP)

Vulnerability Assessment

Gain a high-level and cost effective technical and hands-on assessment of your security posture with a focus on vulnerabilities that can impact your organization or solution.

  • Wireless Network Vulnerability Assessment
  • Network Vulnerability Assessment
  • Cloud Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment:
  • Endpoint Vulnerability Assessment

Red and Purple Teaming

Expert testing of your digital, physical and workforce environments with a simulated cyber-intrusion using real-world attack methods and guidance to assess vulnerabilities and how to safeguard against future attacks.

  • Simulates real-world cyber attacks to test the effectiveness of security controls
  • Focuses on offensive tactics to identify vulnerabilities and exploit weaknesses
  • Combines elements of red teaming and purple teaming to enhance collaboration and effectiveness

Technical Assessments

Gain a high-level and cost effective technical and hands-on assessment of your security posture with a focus on vulnerabilities that can impact cloud and IT infrastructure, operations technology, IoT solutions and more.

  • Cloud technology assessment
  • Industrial Control Systems testing
  • IoT assessment including hardware, software and end-to-end solutions
  • Operational technology assessment

Security Audits & Compliance 

Ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards while maintaining robust security measures to protect sensitive data.

  • Conduct comprehensive assessments of an organization's security controls, policies, and procedures to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities
  • Evaluate an organization's adherence to regulatory requirements, industry standards, and best practices to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Incident response & Management

Develop and implement a comprehensive incident response plan to effectively detect, respond to, and recover from cyber security incidents.

  • Incident Detection
  • Threat analysis
  • Post-Incident Review
  • Incident Triage

Network Security Solutions

Implement and manage network security measures such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and encryption to protect your network from unauthorized access.

  • Firewall Management
  • Intrusion Detection Prevention System (IDPS)
  • Network Access Control (NAC)
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Data Protection & Encryption

Implement data protection measures such as encryption and data loss prevention to safeguard sensitive information from unauthorized access or theft.

  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) / Transport Layer Security (TLS)
  • Encryption Key Management
  • Secure Multi-Party Computation (MPC)
  • Secure File Transfer Protocols

Constantly on guard for you


Unified expertise, delivered end-to-end

Benefit from experience as a service at a scale and depth never seen before by utilising the collective knowledge of the best cyber security experts in the US and Australia.


Always-on protection

Know that your organization is always protected by our Cyber Security Operations Centres.


Assurance to achieve real business outcomes

With CyberFixx in your corner, you can do more than just comply with security regulations – and deliver what really makes a difference to your business.

Australia's Trusted 
Cyber Security and Cloud Consultants


Expertise at Scale

Cyber security and cloud professionals delivering solutions to our customers.


Eyes on Glass 24/7

Continuous monitoring of your network across our advanced security operations centers globally.


Help When you need it 

Our incident responders handle  cyber breaches professionally.


Accessing your needs 

Industry-leading experts conduct  baseline security assessments.


Providing credible assurance

Our exceptional team of ethical hackers conducts penetration tests.


Reporting & Analysis

Our cyber security and cloud professionals delivers exceptional service through insightful reporting and analysis.

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